by Mary Lee McRoberts

The word cancer, the thought of cancer, is so frightening to most of us.  Almost everyone has been touched in one way or another by cancer, whether from personal experience or through a loved one or friend.    Science, research, and our medical professionals work so hard to find treatments and cures.  But they are missing an important piece of cancer healing that science doesn’t see.  We have an energy body in addition to our physical body.  I’m going to talk to you today about your energy system since that’s what I do – I’m an Energy Medicine practitioner who happens to be a psychic medium.   It’s a great combination!  That means I have help from and connection to the Other Side.  They have been teaching me for 30 years and now I’d like to share some of their wisdom.

Over the years, in my healing practice I saw more and more cancer patients.  Many of them would never have come to an energy medicine practitioner/psychic medium in their ‘regular’ life.  But cancer brings people to their knees and opens their hearts to heal like no other.  As I tempered my conversation in the beginning – not wanting to freak them out by too much of what people consider ‘woo-woo’ talk, I noticed that it didn’t matter to them if they believed in the world of energy.  They were willing to set aside preconceived beliefs and open up to the unknown.  Because they were in unknown territory already with a cancer diagnosis.

I explained how we are all pure energy before we come into physical form and we bring our energy body with us – that’s our connection to the Other Side.  When our energy body is out of balance, our physical body responds with something we don’t want which is usually illness.  When we have illness, it’s the body saying “pay attention, you’re out of balance” and most times we don’t know it or even worse, we’re ignoring it.   I tell them if they understand how our energy body works, they will be well on the way to harnessing it to heal.  To do that, we need to look at our life to determine where we are out of balance emotionally, and take steps to change our beliefs and our experiences – and that will support our body to heal.

At that point I have their attention and they want to know more about how energy works.  They are usually immersed in medical treatments by the time I see them, and they can be in any stage of cancer.

I go on to explain our emotions are pure energy, they are a part of our energy body.  We store the emotions in our energy body just like we store fat in our physical body.  When we hold onto beliefs and experiences that are angry, sad, resentful, all of the negative emotions -it poisons our energy body like the drip, drip, drip of a leaking faucet.   By the time we experience physical illness of any kind, the energy body has normally been suffering for some time. Our bodies are very forgiving of being out of balance, they work hard to course-correct.  Our physical bodies are engineered to heal.  Sometimes we do it on our own and sometimes we need the help and intervention of traditional medicine, depending on the illness that appears.

I explain on some occasions when we heal our energy system (our emotional body) in a huge way, our physical body rapidly heals – that’s what we call a miracle or spontaneous remission.  It’s the emotional healing that creates the spontaneous physical healing and most people have heard or read about that.

Our current medical belief system doesn’t teach us that the emotional experiences we store in our bodies which reflect our way of thinking has anything to do with our physical body.  Our current system separates the two.

I circle back and explain again that our energy body holds the emotion of our life experiences – whether they are good or bad.  Emotions create chemicals in our body.  When we hold onto negative emotions, we are storing them in our body – over time they affect our body chemistry, our body gets overwhelmed and illness is created.   Now my clients are beginning to understand!

The question is always asked “we all have life experiences, good and bad, so how can we not store the emotion?  And how do we get rid of the old stored emotion?”  This is where I explain what I do.    Through my psychic mediumship abilities I am able to see the emotional experience or experiences, normally from childhood, that my client suffered that put into motion the energy imbalance that his or her body is holding onto.  I explain to my client what it is and what circumstances caused it.  I hold a space of so much love for them as they absorb healing in their body.  Then it’s a process of explaining how those early experiences created belief systems and how to learn to see differently as we release the energy of the past out of the body.  I describe the changes they need to make in their life in order to not recreate the unbalanced energy.  Every single client learns to see differently and they completely change their lives.  It’s amazing!

Clients come to me for all sorts of reasons, but my beautiful cancer patients are so motivated to heal that they are willing to do the work to change their lives in order to have lasting healing.  It’s a beautiful thing to be a part of.

About me – I’m an energy medicine practitioner, psychic medium, spiritual teacher and coach, and best of all an INSPIRATOR!  The Universe just gave me that title this week and told me it would be my only title in the future.  I didn’t even know if it was a word – had to look it up and fortunately it is and it is exactly who I am and what I do.  Love the Universe!  I am in practice in Seattle and Kirkland, WA and was born with open connection to the Other Side.  Spent 30 years learning to be the best healer I can be.  Thank you for your time, I wish you sweet blessings.


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