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Intuitive Business Guidance:

Whatever the question you have about your business, I am able to look at it from an intuitive perspective, as well as a business perspective, and give you information that you would not likely get from a business consultant. Because I use my trained abilities to ‘see’ and ‘feel’ a business from an energetic perspective, I am able to advise you as to the issues at stake and the steps to take to resolve problems and achieve the highest level of success.

Businesses are like people, they literally have a heart and soul. When there are problems in any area – whether it be in management, employees, buildings, projects – solving the problem is larger than the mechanics of what it might appear to be. When the right decisions are made from a logical business perspective, and yet the business continues to suffer challenges, it means there are other things in play that are not normally ‘seen’ by the logical perspective.

I will look at your business, shift the energy that is in place, and recommend steps to take so that you can overcome the present challenges and create the success you are looking for. I also work with principals and management in a mentoring capacity, teaching and guiding energetically a new paradigm to broaden the spectrum of intuitive understanding.  Schedule an appointment with Mary Lee here.

Space Clearing/Feng Shui:

I LOVE this part of what I do! All dwellings have the energy of the people who have ever been there. You will recognize this example, when I ask you – have you ever walked into a room of several people and they are all smiling and acting happy – and you know, just KNOW, you can feel it in your gut – that they just had a disagreement. Right? So that’s your body telling you (even though your mind might say ‘oh no, they are happy’), that they are faking it and they were just having words before you entered. Yes! So your body can ‘feel’ the energy in the room because it’s a real and palpable thing, just like a river flowing toward the sea. The energy of our emotions swirls around us all of the time and it stays where we are when we are having that feeling, even though we leave the room So just imagine what energy-emotion exists in a business where everybody is under pressure because they are behind schedule. Or because the last President was really unhappy before leaving. Or whatever the circumstance might be.

When I clear all of the unbalanced energy out of a business, whether it is a single location, corporate offices, or every branch of the company, there is a huge shift of energy and it is like everything is brand new – all of the opportunity is back in play again.  Schedule an appointment with Mary Lee here.


The fee is $210 per hour, $750 per half day (4 hours) and $1,500 per day (8 hours). I also accept a limited number of clients on monthly retainer and by project.

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