Mary Lee is a wonder that embodies the true essence of Love. She guides you through the world of energy with her incredible gifts in connection to the other side. She helps you see beyond the veil; helping you connect, trust and know your true souls essence. The healing that takes place through this journey has been profound. 

- Kasandra Mattson, Maple Valley

Over the last fifteen years I have met and worked with Psychic Mediums and Energy Medicine Practitioners from all around the world, but none has had the depth and breadth of gifts and talents as Mary Lee McRoberts.

She has not only facilitated deep healing for me and for nearly every member of my family, but she has also been my go-to Intuitive Business Consultant resulting in our business multiplying four-fold in as many years. Mary Lee’s down-to-earth conversational style, her gentle humor and her instant access to divine assistance creates a safe and empowering space for transformation and growth.

If you are ready to embark on a new journey in your life – physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially – you will not find a more gifted guide than Mary Lee McRoberts.

- Sher Safran, Share Wisdom Network

I want to share a testimonial about the wonderful spiritual training I have been receiving from Mary Lee McRoberts. I have known Mary Lee for more than 6 years.

I have always been very careful about who to trust for energy work, and have avoided many spiritual learning offerings that did not seem right to me.

With Mary Lee it was an immediate connection. She is truly gifted. I tell everybody I recommend her to that “She is the real deal.” During our private sessions she has received many messages from her guides related to me and my personal intimate life. She is always right on, and explains things in a kind and very compassionate way.

Thanks to her I have opened up, conquered my own fears, healed old wounds and embraced my life and destiny with Love.

I would recommend her to anybody in need of spiritual direction and energy healing. Her energy work is AMAZING.

- Gisella Miller, Snohomish

I met with Marylee, in hindsight, not even sure what I was looking for. My journey put me in the right place at the right time, because six months later, when I received my cancer diagnosis I had Marylee on my team and for that I will be forever grateful. With Marylee’s help, I was able to power up and approach my challenges by visualizing a positive result and it worked.

Her energy healing was an important component but there was so much more that contributed to my success. Her ability to direct my way of thinking, her insight to old patterns that were working against me and clearing out the negative to bring in the positive was an integral part of my healing.

With immense gratitude, 

- Patricia K Erickson

Mary Lee has been truly a blessing to my life, my children and family. She has a heart of love and goodness that she only wants the best for you and to heal. I have been seeing Mary Lee for over 6 years now.

I have taken her Reiki Master I,II,III course and was in a mentoring class as well. She continues to heal me from past traumas and to help me grow with a loving vibration to my highest potential in every session we have.

She has also worked on my husband, my two children and other family members.  I also have a two meditations Mary Lee has made for me for sleeping at night. They are incredible!

Her soft voice, golden light she gives, puts me at ease and I immediately fall asleep.  Forever blessed being in the arms of Mary Lee to help and guide me to become the best I can be in this lifetime.

I am honored to be in her presence and fully appreciative of everything she has done for me and my family.

- Carolyn Chace, Bellevue, WA

I discovered Mary Lee McRoberts because something about the workspace of the organization I was leading felt “off.”  I didn’t even know how to articulate what was wrong.  All I knew was that I was never completely comfortable in the space, so I searched the Internet for “space and energy experts,” coming across Mary Lee’s website.  

Mary Lee’s work at our organization led to remarkable overnight changes. Starting on the Monday morning after the weekend she worked in the space, people were happier, new forms of collaboration were taking place, and new business opportunities arose. It was the same building with the same people inside, but it felt like a brand new organization. I was happier to be there, as well. 

Mary Lee also came to our home after we had purchased it to improve its energy and to help us make it a more joyful, livable place, and she has worked with me as a personal coach. She has guided me through some truly remarkable transformations. Her guidance has helped me to live more fully, enjoy my life more thoroughly, and be a better model of taking care of myself for my kids.  My life is richer for having worked with Mary Lee, and I would strongly recommend her services to anyone with an open mind about how positive change can occur.           

- Non-Profit Executive Director, Tacoma, WA

Have you ever had a friend that just seems to be the most honest and most positive person you call on for advice or to bounce an idea off of?  The kind that will tell you what you need to hear even though it may not be what you want to hear?  Well that’s Mary Lee McRoberts. We met through a mutual friend and seemed to hit it off immediately after realizing we are colleagues, she’s a n Energy Intuitive who helps you identify and remedy the issues in your life or in your body. Basically she’s like a psychic detective for the rough spots in your life, your spaces and the people around you.

Also, she doesn’t just drop an insight about a problem in your lap, she facilitates the healing to deal with that problem plus giving you recommendations to keep it fixed. You’ll be amazed by her warmth (that ever present smile and laugh), her accuracy (how could she know what happened in my childhood and the other people involved?), and her tireless energy to help you heal.

Now, she has a tv show on every Wednesday at noon, local to Seattle where she shares what she teaches, gives readings and also does some of her healing. Check it out by going to her website. You’ll want to give her a hug after spending time with her, I promise, because her light is wonderful to bathe in. Blessings!

- David Zarza, Seattle, WA

“Mary Lee I like to call my Fairy Godmother.

She’s been a mentor for a few years now, walking alongside me as a deep listener and sharing her insights in a timely and compassionate fashion.

In our time together, my life on both personal and professional levels continues to unfold….yes, bloom in ways before I’d never imagined.

Thank you, Mary Lee.”

- JR Rhodes, Singer/Composer

Mary Lee’s work is nothing short of energetic magic! I have worked with many intuitives, Feng Shui experts and energy clearers, but what Mary Lee brought to my space was sublimely and uniquely suited to my individual needs–something that I haven’t experienced before. She is an energetic alchemist and transformed my space–and my life.

- M.S.

The first time I met Mary Lee, I instantly felt a loving sensation that radiated from her that made me feel so at home and protected. When you are in her presence, time doesn’t exist. She is solely focused on you and your needs.   Mary Lee uses her healing power to make sure you get all you can from each session.

I have also taken a Reiki class from Mary Lee and was overwhelmed at the energy in the room and the abilities she has to infuse her knowledge in each of us that were present that when the class was over, we all felt like Reiki Masters.

 I have also had a reading from Mary Lee and will never forget when she shared with me of the presence of my dad who I had not heard from since his passing and it was a joy to hear the confirmation that he was well and around me. I have gone to several healers, psychics and mediums but none left a lasting impression like Mary Lee has.   I truly recommend Mary Lee whether it is for emotional or physical healing, psychic or medium readings or to learn to heal yourself or others through Reiki.

- Robyn Storme, Issaquah

I first went to Mary Lee for help after suffering the loss of both my parents and dealing with some other personal problems that were all taking a toll on my health and happiness.

Her kind and compassionate manner put me at ease right away and within minutes of her working on me I was totally relaxed.  I could feel movement and a shift in my body as she worked.  She was very clear in communicating what was happening and what she was sensing in my energy body.

On my way home after that first session I had the greatest sense of overall wellbeing that lasted for weeks and a whole new perspective about my life and events.  She led me to the realization that I can be a major participant in my own healing.  I am so grateful to Mary Lee and the work that she does.

- Jenny C

Over almost two years, in a private group mentored by Mary Lee McRoberts and in two of her public workshops she is a vibrant and loving presence in source energy, giving her students a safe, nourishing space to discover, express and expand their unique abilities. I experienced an almost-visible golden glow gently guiding each participant. Mary Lee sculpts her vast knowledge to the needs of the moment with the joyous compassion that is her nature and her influence.

- Lora McHenry, Bellevue

I have been working with Mary Lee McRoberts for a year.

In my experience, individuals who offer up their services as psychic intuitives can be so firmly rooted in “the other side” that their insights or advice can be inscrutible; and therefore of limited value to a person who lives in the real world.  For those of us with logical minds, we need insights that are practical, insights that zero in on the issues, and, above all, get results.

Mary Lee is a delightful combination of psychic and no holds barred life coach.  She is willing, even eager, to bring to loving light the fallacies in your thinking.  A plus B does not always equal C, inasmuch as often what we need is someone to shift our thinking into new avenues.  New doors don’t open by themselves, and Mary Lee is a wonderful guide that helps point the way.

A meeting with Mary Lee is an experience not soon forgotten, divided into two very distinct phases.  The first phase feels like a traditional life coach session.  You discuss what’s going on in your life, current obstacles or successes.  All the while Mary Lee is reading your energy, and getting insights from her guides.  She is really multi-tasking!  The second phase of the meeting involves Mary Lee (a Reiki master) performing Reiki on a massage table.  She will describe what she feels in your energy field, any spirit guides who might appear, and a myriad of other things she sees, feels, and hears from the other side.  I have had some extraordinary sensory experiences during these sessions, and always feel more aligned with spirit when she is done.

Mary Lee is the real deal.

- Randi Richmond

Mary Lee came to my house for an energy healing. She was dead on about the previous family before me, who went through a divorce. After talking with a few neighbors after Mary Lee left, they validated all of what she described.  More than I ever knew.

During that time, Mary Lee worked on me as well with her Reiki. I didn’t expect what came next, but was completely taken by surprise. My Grandmother came through who had passed in the last year. Mary Lee described very detailed things that no one would know. After speaking with my Aunt on the subject – she confirmed what Mary Lee said.

Mary Lee is a true gift – I am thankful that I have met her.  

- Jill Benson - Issaquah, WA

Mary Lee McRoberts saved my life.  In my work with her, I realized that I had lost my own identity.  Most of my life from my thirties to my sixties had been so focused on seeing that the needs of the individuals in my family were being met, that I lost sight of my own needs.  If you asked me, “What do you want to do with the next five years of your life?”, I couldn’t answer.  I would just stare at you blankly.

Mary Lee helped me to rediscover myself.  Don’t get me wrong, it has been some of the hardest and most gut-wrenching work in my life, but it has been so worth it.  As my emotional and spiritual issues came into alignment, my physical issues began to disappear.  Today I take one supplement and no prescription medications, and I feel great. 

- Kim Hoover, Wrangell, AK

A session with Mary Lee is a transcendent journey that brings heightened perceptions, renewed energy, and keen insights.  Opening a window between worlds, she ushers in perceptions that bring awareness and healing.

In addition to energy work, I also asked Mary Lee to conduct an energy clearing of our 1920s-era house as we readied it to put on the market. Dealing with a challenging energy space, she created an energetically clean house ready for a new family to walk in and make it a home. The house sold three days after going on the market.

Mary Lee’s work provides a truly inspired avenue for understanding and growth.

- Nancy Dickeman, writer, Seattle

I first met Mary Lee about 5 years ago when I was saw her for a healing session (Reiki and intuitive guidance). I left the session feeling uplifted, hopeful, and with an energized, lighter feeling. This led to a long-term association with Mary Lee including Reiki training, readings, energetic space clearing, and ongoing mentorship.

Mary Lee is the real deal. Not only is she gifted but she is honest, kind, and she sincerely loves helping people through Reiki energy healing and her other gifts. I have referred a few of my friends and family to Mary Lee, and I recall the reaction of one family member who was suffering from depression after a profound personal loss: she said that her session with Mary Lee was “life changing.” Mary Lee had showed her the big picture, she said, and she felt this was the key to pulling out of the depths of her trough. (She is still doing well.)

My association with Mary Lee and all that I’ve learned from her has led to increased intuition (and confidence in that intuition), development of other psychic abilities, and understanding of the world of energy.

- Jan D., Seattle

Mary Lee is the real deal. I wasn’t looking for her but it was clear that I needed to find her. She found me and has totally transformed the way I do my science. Her profound energy healing work with me has created a shift in my consciousness. She has helped me allow the work to flow through me in a way that feels balanced and optimizes both my creativity and my productivity. Mary Lee has cleared the energy in my home and office, creating an environment that fully supports me. She is able to clear the way, so to speak, for me to see and do things differently. Every gain I achieve in science from this point forward I will attribute to my work with Mary Lee. If you are looking for someone to guide in the transformation of your business, career or life, you have found her! 

- Bonnie A. McGregor, PhD, Associate Professor, Clinical Psychologist, Bio-Behavioral Scientist.

I started working with Mary Lee for supporting my business several years ago. I had her initially come in to do energy work on my acupuncture practice to help restore and balance the flow of energy, as well as to clear the stagnant energy that may be lingering from patients detoxing various emotions. She worked on both myself and my clinic space that included treatment rooms and business office.

Immediately, I began to notice changes in my business. With the space and myself being aligned energetically , I found that I am able to do my work more fluidly and with greater ease. My patients find the space truly healing and that it is fully supportive of their healing process. I have better life/work balance and easily attract new business.

At the time Mary Lee came in to do the work, I was also having trouble with a neighboring business owner who was frequently harassing me and my clients. Within one week of having Mary Lee come to clear the space I got notification that the troublesome neighbor had given notice and moved away.

Since Mary Lee’s work, the amount of growth that has happened has been exponential. I have seen a steady increase in patient volume, along with increased income. I truly feel that after her work, my business is aligned with my highest intentions and fully supports my goals for the future.

- Kaira Jorgensen, L.Ac, Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine

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