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All dwellings have the energy of the people who have ever been there. You will recognize this example when I ask you – have you ever walked into a room of several people and they are all smiling and acting happy – and you know, just KNOW, you can feel it in your gut – that they just had a disagreement. Right? So that’s your body telling you (even though your mind might say ‘oh no, they are happy’), that they are faking it and they were just having words before you entered. Yes! So your body can ‘feel’ the energy in the room because it’s a real and palpable thing, just like a river flowing toward the sea . The energy of our emotions swirls around us all of the time and it stays where we are when we are having that feeling, even though we leave the room So just imagine what energy-emotion exists in a business where everybody is under pressure because they are behind schedule. Or because the last President was really unhappy before leaving. Or whatever the circumstance might be.

When I clear all of the unbalanced energy out of a business, whether it is a single location, corporate offices, or every branch of the company, there is a huge shift of energy and it is like everything is brand new – all of the opportunity is back in play again.

In our Western business climate, we use our cognitive brain functioning to decide what steps to take to solve problems. There is another part to it that is just as important and that is the intuitive, sixth sense part of it. When you have challenges in business, energy is created that holds onto that challenge. When the energy is removed, the feeling that remains is open, free and pure opportunity. Clearing the energy from current difficulties creates a whole new drawing board from which to operate.   Schedule an appointment with Mary Lee here.


Every structure holds the energy of every person who inhabited it. What that means is if you purchase a home from a couple who fight in the kitchen every night, the energy of their fighting still sits in the kitchen where it took place. It doesn’t go anywhere even though the people leave! It’s like when you are coloring Easter eggs and you drop the tablet of color into the vinegar and it spreads out – that is exactly what energy looks like as it spreads out from our bodies. And if it is repeated over and over in a location, it will stay there after we leave.

Of you are interested in moving forward in your life and making positive changes in your own life or with someone who lives with you, it’s important to have the energy that exists in your dwelling cleared so that you are not being held back by old patterns of behavior.

If you are buying a home, you will want the energy of the prior occupants be removed before you move in. Their energy will seep into you. If you are selling a home, you will want the energy of your home be cleared and recalibrated so that your home feels good to people who come to see it. Have you had the experience of looking at a wonderful home to buy – but it just didn’t ‘feel right’ to you? That’s because you could feel the energy of the prior occupants. It’s actually pretty simple, and easily resolved.   Schedule an appointment with Mary Lee here.

Land and Communities:

The same thing holds true with land and communities. It will hold the memory of the past, the energy of what happened to it, and the solution is to clear it. It may seem out of the realm of possibility to our literal minds, but land will hold the energy of everything that has happened to it. And that can be healed, simply and easily, with energy work. If you have a development property that continually has obstacles, the energy work I do on land is a ready solution to those issues. If your community is struggling with set-backs and problems, there can be a historical energy of conflict and/or struggle that can be cleared.   Schedule an appointment with Mary Lee here.


The fee is $210 per hour, $750 per half day (4 hours) and $1,500 per day (8 hours). I also accept a limited number of clients on monthly retainer and by project.

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