Four Things You Can Do TODAY

To Imporve the Energy of Your Space

By Mary Lee McRoberts

Are you stuck in your life, looking to create positive change? Are you experiencing the end of a relationship or the loss of a loved one? Is your business struggling? 

The easiest way to create positive change in your life is to change your surroundings! 

1. Remove Objects That Do Not Support You

We live in a world of energy that permeates everything and holds emotion. When we surround ourselves with particular objects, we are sitting in the emotional energy those objects hold and it affects how we think and feel. At a client’s home I observed a painting on the inside of the bathroom door and knew the painting held the emotion of anger and control from a powerful female relative. My client said her mother is an artist and had painted it, and they hadn’t spoken in years! 

The look on her face was amazement as she became aware of the negative effect of the painting, even though it was a lovely piece of art. 

2. Clear Your Home

Turn off your brain – turn on your senses. Take one room at a time, sit alone quietly in it, with your eyes closed, and see if you can feel the room. Do you feel happy, sad, uncomfortable, angry – is there a feeling to the room?  Open your eyes and look at each object, including furniture, one by one.  Where did it come from, do you like it, does it make you feel good, did it come from someone you don’t like but you feel obligated to  display it, what are the memories attached to it? If you love it and feel really good about it, keep it. If it’s anything else, dispose of it.

3. Clear Your Office

To create change at work, the same method applies. Eliminate the clutter, things that don’t mean anything today. Don’t keep too much from the past – it holds your energy back and you want it to be looking at the future and what you want to create. Look at each item in your office and if you feel ?at, sad, under pressure, angry, get rid of it. Surround yourself with colors you love, things that inspire you, and keep it simple.

4. The Clutter Issue

Many people are challenged with clutter. The more clutter you have around, the more energy is sapped from you.  It can make you feel safe to live in clutter, but it will keep you stuck in place. It can affect every part of your life because it is an emotional issue. 

Objects can hold the energy of the present owner, the past owners and the creator. Think of a hand-carved violin or a quilt lovingly sewn by a grandmother and how good that feels.  Now imagine the energy in a home filled to the brim with second-hand store and garage sale items.  

What you surround yourself with is key to your ability to create change in your life!  You have the power! 

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